The Butler Difference

Butler is the world’s leading producer
of metal building systems.

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The Butler Building Difference

Whether you’re looking for a simple building solution, a retrofit roof, or a multiple building complex, Butler pre-engineered buildings offer a fast, affordable, architecturally appealing, and environmentally-friendly solution with many significant advantages.

The benefits of using a Butler® building system are numerous and so are the advantages of working with Grassmere Construction as your turnkey provider of building construction.

Grassmere Construction
your local Butler Builder®

At Grassmere Construction, we are proud to be your local Butler Builder® representing the world’s leading producer of pre-engineered building solutions – Butler Manufacturing™. We are your experienced local construction partner from conceptual design to final landscaping no matter what type of facility you require.

  • Budgeting and expert Butler building design consultation
  • Preconstruction services
  • Complete construction management services, from permitting to punch out

Grassmere Construction brings local construction knowledge with a world-class building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their construction project

Buildings That Do More

Proven Building Quality

The difference is in the details, from the Scrubolt™ fasteners to the roof clips. Butler® building components are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability.

Factory Punching

Proper roof panel alignment is crucial to weathertight performance and the ability to successfully install closures, roof accessories and trim. All roof panels and structural members of the MR-24® roof system are factory punched to ensure proper alignment.

MR-24 Roof System Clip

The roof clip holds the standing-seam roof panels to the supporting structural members. We designed our clip to allow the roof to move freely as panels expand and contract in response to daily and seasonal temperature changes.

Staggered Panel Splices

Many of our competitors join four panel corners at the same location, making it almost impossible to seal and keep weathertight. We stagger splices, resulting in a roof system more impervious to leaks.

Weathertight Seams

The MR-24 roof system features the tightest seam available today. Its 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam is the same seam used on beverage cans. The MR-24 roof system is the only one on the market where the critical final 180 degrees of the seam are mechanically field-rolled to ensure weathertightness.

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Kynar 500® And Hylar 5000® Finishes

The standard paint finish on all our painted roof panels, wall panels and trims has a 25-year warranty protecting against blistering, peeling, cracking and chipping. It’s available in a variety of colours, including many that meet the reflectance and emittance standards established by the energy codes for “cool roofs”.

Flexible Ridges

Our unique ridge uses a single exposed fastener for every 50 in our competition’s design. Our approach best reduces the potential for leaks and helps you save on installation costs. We also eliminate the need for drilling — and the metal shavings it produces — so you won’t have to worry about rusting (as found in other manufacturers’ ridge designs).

Gable Trims

Our seamed-in gable trim requires 85 percent fewer fasteners, resulting in less potential for leaks, roof problems and maintenance. It’s also designed to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Steel Rod Bracing

The bracing system is a building’s backbone. Our steel-rod bracing will retain its original strength and tightness over time. Wire rope and cable can stretch and sag, compromising the structural and roof integrity of your building.

Acrylic-Coated Structurals

Butler uses only acrylic-coated, galvanized C/Z structural members for a dramatically brighter interior finish than red oxide primer options.

Butlerib® II Roof And Wall System Fasteners

Butler factory punches its structural and roof systems, and uses Scrubolt™ fasteners that have twice the pullout strength of self-drilling screws. Our exclusive Lock-Rivet™ fastener further enhances weathertight performance of the Butlerib II roof system.

Roof Curb Solution

Studies show 90 percent of roof leaks are due to poorly designed or poorly installed roof penetrations. All our roof curbs and openings are fully engineered at the factory, so there is no field engineering. Unlike the exposed fastener designs other manufacturers use, our internal flange design conceals fasteners within the curb and essentially eliminates leaks.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Our multi-year warranties protect your investment. While many manufacturers’ warranties are prorated after a certain period of time, we offer our Butler-Cote™ roof and wall panel warranty for a full 25 years with no prorating. The 25-year warranty also protects against blistering, peeling, cracking or chipping of the paint finish. It’s a testament of our high-performance standards.

Built-In Lifetime Savings

Delivering buildings that add value to your bottom line for years to come is a top priority for us, and we have industry-leading modelling tools to help illustrate your potential savings.

Better Control Your Total Cost Of Ownership
Energy Efficiency

They say the ROI is 6-to-1 for every dollar invested in energy efficiency and code compliance. We offer a range of energy-efficient roof and wall systems able to achieve a thermal efficiency rating to meet or exceed code. Roof and wall assembly U-factor performance is tested using the Butler Guarded Hot Box, a state-of-the-art computerized data acquisition system that collects information to provide accurate insulating information.

We also offer a wide selection of 25-year colour finishes that meet the reflectance and emittance standards established by the energy codes for “cool roofs.” These products help lower roof temperatures and reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building — by as much as 30 percent. Cool roofs also help mitigate the heat island effect, which produces high relative temperatures in urban areas, contributing to smog formation.

Maintenance And Replacement

Up to 90 percent of a building’s total cost is incurred after construction, so choosing options that offer long life spans and require little maintenance can have a significant impact on future budgets. Our buildings provide long life cycles with virtually no upkeep. In fact, the MR-24® roof system lasts up to two times longer and can reduce roof maintenance costs by 90 percent compared with conventional roof materials. Plus, the standard paint finish on all our painted roof panels, wall panels and trims has a 25-year warranty protecting against blistering, peeling, cracking and chipping.

Leading Design Capabilities

We have the engineering expertise and technology to make virtually any building design a reality. Plus, our building systems are known for their versatility.

Systems Flexibility

We have the industry’s most extensive product line and are known for our ability to customize our building systems to meet a wide variety of design needs, both aesthetic and functional.

Conventional Building Options

For those projects where a systems approach doesn’t apply, our Conventional Steel Services offers virtually limitless design options.

Technology To Get It Right

With our 3D design technology, we’re able to help you accurately visualize what your new building will look like early in the process. By helping you identify any needed adjustments while the designs are still flexible, we’re also helping keep costs down and the project on schedule.

Finding Better Answers

Pioneering Innovations

Our innovations help you build better, through more flexible and durable building systems and technology that streamline the building process.

Reduced Project Risk

Our digital tools give Butler Builder® dealers a better line of sight on all the building shell components. From the initial design to the tracking of your order shipment, to accessing electronic erection drawings, our Builders have the tools they need to help mitigate project challenges.

Streamlined Building Erection

Helping you achieve the speed of construction you need is a top priority. That’s why our Builders use the design-build construction method for single-source responsibility and greater control. In addition, many of our product innovations from our structural systems designs to our insulation systems and our insulation support system deliver significant time savings and minimize field labour costs.

Better Worker Safety

Falls are the No. 1 cause of construction deaths each year. To help keep workers safe on Butler® buildings, we developed a fall support system that greatly reduces the distance of a fall and severity of injury.

Bay Sizes Up To 60 Feet

To maximize your building’s functionality, floor space flexibility is mandatory. We developed a structural system that can achieve the longest bay sizes in the industry, to help keep interior columns from getting in your way and increase usable space. Plus, its factory-punched chords speed up installation.

U-Factors As Low As .029

Our latest insulation system helps achieve increasingly stringent energy code requirements with noticeably faster installation times. Its above-the-purlin design allows for better blanket insulation performance and improved accessibility to other building systems.

Dedicated To Research And Development

We constantly push the boundaries to find better answers to building challenges.

An Unmatched Commitment
The Longest-Standing Research And Development Program

A history ripe with innovation that matters. It shows a commitment to finding better answers and that breaking down boundaries is in our DNA. But more importantly, it shows we know how to develop and apply practical answers to some of the biggest building design challenges.

Our company was founded in 1901 on the idea that we could build a better product, and we’ve been honing that steel building design expertise for nearly 120 years. Our team has delivered most of the industry’s major advancements. Over the years, we’ve held more than 50 patents, including the industry’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. So, imagine the kind of brainpower and dedication we can bring to your project.

A Unique Vision For The Future

Today, we’re not just focused on innovating products that do more for customers, we’re also focused on streamlining the building process. We’ve developed tools that help you choose the best option to keep long-term operating costs under control, visualize the building long before construction starts, and take guesswork and human error out of the process.

The Most In-Depth R&D Space

In 1959, we opened the doors to our Research and Development Center, a dedicated space for product development and testing. Today, it is home to the industry’s only privately owned Guarded Hot Box, a testing apparatus to quantify energy efficiency. We also have numerous other tests focused on product strength, efficiency and longevity:

  • Full-scale load tests for frames, beams, trusses and more complex structures
  • An acid rain test that accelerates the effect of acid rain and other acidic environments in order to predict the long-term performance of a material
  • A wind uplift test to verify roof panels perform in accordance with Factory Mutual, Corps of Engineers, Underwriters Laboratories and ASTM E1592 test specifications
  • A 1,000-hour paint test that simulates 15 to 20 years of sunlight and dew accumulation
  • Real-time tests to validate paint performance for 25 years or longer

It’s because of this unique space, and the people who work in it, that we have a unique perspective on how to build some of the strongest and longest-lasting buildings in the industry.

A Legacy All Our Own

No other company in the industry can offer the expertise and experience we have with engineering quality building systems. No other company can match our track record of delivering game-changing innovations that stay ahead of your needs and code mandates. It’s with this foundation that we can help you build a building that delivers true business value.

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