Widespan Structural System

The Widespan™ structural system combines the practicality of a rigid frame with virtually unlimited design flexibility.

Widespan™ Structural System

A structural system should enhance a building’s functionality, not stand in its way. That’s the principle upon which the Widespanstructural system is designed. This versatile rigid frame system assures maximum use of interior space, while also providing virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to building width, height, roof slope, and exterior finish. And Butler’s precision engineered system adds speed for cost savings in construction.

Features And Benefits

  • Large areas of uninterrupted space
  • Straight or tapered columns
  • Minimal or no interior columns to optimize building costs and enhance functionality
  • Extensions and expansions for future building requirements are easily accommodated
  • Acrylic-coated galvanized secondary structural members for better appearance and durability

Ideal Usage

  • Truck Terminals
  • Retail Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Office Complexes
  • Indoor Athletic Facilities

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