Grassmere Advantage

Three-Phase Design and Construction

Grassmere has developed a comprehensive Three-Phase Process that encompasses management of every aspect of your construction project from Concept to Completion.

  1. Phase 1: Site Investigation and Preliminary Design
  2. Phase 2: Final Drawings and Construction Estimate
  3. Phase 3: Construction

Phase 1 includes Site Investigation, Environmental Assessments, Geotechnical Soils Reports, Storm Water Management, Preliminary Designs, Budgets, 3D Renderings and OBC Analysis on Building Code and Life Safety Requirements.

Phase 2 is where we complete Final Design, prepare Permit & Construction Drawings, finalize OBC Analysis, prepare Bid Packages, and provide Subcontractor/Supplier Bid Spreadsheets and Final Construction Estimates including recommendation of Subcontractors and Suppliers.

Phase 3 begins by mobilizing on site and proceeds with executing the construction project in a timely manner and implementing a safe environment that meets all the necessary codes and regulations.

Benefits of this Three-Phase Approach:

  • Eliminates Risk and ensures accurate Budgeting and Construction Costs
  • Offers the Owner a Single Source of Responsibility and Accountability for the entire Project
  • Promotes a Team Concept with all Strategic Partners and trusted Subtrades
  • Allows for an accelerated Construction Schedule

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