ThermaLiner Insulation System

The ThermaLiner™ insulation system is a state-of-the-art insulated liner system compatible with all Butler® roof systems. Ideal uses include applications requiring energy efficiency and a finished interior look.

ThermaLiner™ Insulation System

For a more finished look on any of the Butler roof systems, choose the ThermaLiner™ insulation system. This metal roof insulation delivers superior thermal performance matched with the advantages of noise reduction and condensation control.

The abuse-resistant liner (available in a variety of colors) adds an attractive, finished interior to the underside of the roof to offer a more polished look to your facility. And because this insulation system can be added to any of the Butler metal roof systems, your project can achieve a wide range of R-values and U-factors based on your needs and budget.

Features And Benefits

  • Superior energy efficiency with an effective R-value as high as 38.7 or U-factor as low as 0.026
  • Liner panel is durable and easy to clean and maintain
  • Liner panel provides an attractive interior and is available in a variety of colors and gauges (up to 22-gauge thickness)
  • Self-drilling screws help to provide fast and easy deck and substructurals installation
  • Enhanced acoustic characteristics help reduce some interior noise transmission
  • Steel liner panel acts as a diaphragm to eliminate the need for structural bracing

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