The Challenge:

London, ON

To give a façade facelift and roof retrofit to two pre-engineered buildings; an older 1960’s era Stran office building and a 1980’s-era Butler shop building.

We worked with the client over a 9-month period as he did an exhaustive search of potential re-roof solutions, as well as various alternate architectural designs. There was some structural reinforcing required to the Office building as a result of a structural analysis we undertook on the existing pre-engineered building.

The Grassmere Solution:

The first building was an office and the second one was a maintenance shop for a Landscaping Design and Property Maintenance Company.

The owner investigated numerous re-roofing possibilities and determined that Butler’s Metal-On-Metal (MOM) re-roof system was the best solution for this project. They recognized that Butler was the only solution that provided a total designed/packaged re-roof solution instead of individual components as proposed by other suppliers and installers.

Grassmere scheduled the work with the client on a weekly basis. We reinforced the existing Office structure from inside the office and constructed a new MOM roof and a completely new façade. During construction, we maintained access to the facility by providing safe work areas for customers and employees outside the office building and shop.

The exterior walls are a combination of horizontal and vertical metal siding and aluminum composite fascia panels, while the roof is an MR-24® MOM re-roof system.

The Result:

The office building has a new custom façade and both buildings have a new MR-24® Metal Over Metal (MOM) roof that no longer leaks.

Exclusive features of this building include the distinctive architectural redesign of the exterior facade, which provides a facelift to the 50+ year-old pre-engineered building.

Basic Specifications:


TLC Landscaping


London, ON

Project Description:

Re-roofing and building a facade

Construction Services:

Design Build

Sector Served:


Completion Date:

Fall, 2015

Total Square Feet:

13,000 (Office: 5,900 and Shop: 6,800)

Structural Systems:

Reinforce existing office roof structure to accommodate additional load

Roof System:

MR24 Standing Seam Roof System

Roof Insulation Type and Thickness:

4"/R14 Metal Building Insulation (MBI)

Wall System:

Horizontal metal cladding as well as aluminum composite panels

Wall Insulation Type and Thickness:

Additional spray insulation on the shop walls


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