Metal over Metal Roof Systems – The Practical, Long-Term & Cost-Efficient Reroofing Solution

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No matter what industry you’re in, your business, the upkeep, and its aesthetics matter.

The condition of your facility communicates to others your level of professionalism, and it plays an integral part in keeping assets, people, and merchandise safe.

Unfortunately, this makes building maintenance essential, yet it is often overlooked or postponed due to inconvenient costs and other ‘higher priority’ issues needing attention.

When it comes to roofs, procrastinating with maintenance is especially common since it costs so much to look after them. Keep this up, and you run the risk of having a structure that looks run down, is hazardous, and could cost even more to maintain long-term.

Replacements are often avoided because few businesses can afford to disrupt workflow for the time it will take to put up a new covering.

What if there were a practical and cost-efficient alternative?

Contrary to popular belief, your company doesn’t need to feel the immense financial pressure or burden of replacing a roof and interrupting company operations. Thanks to innovative solutions from Grassmere Construction, your business can operate completely uninterrupted, much like our academic institutional client in Guelph, ON, where we designed and installed a 12,000ft² metal roofing system over their existing aquatic centre.

Instead of a costly roof replacement, they decided to let Grassmere design and install the Butler ThermaLiner insulation & Butler MR-24® steel metal retrofit roof systems over their existing roof without shutting down operations.

You’re about to learn how the practical and cost-efficient Metal over Metal Reroof System is the solution you probably didn’t even know you were looking for.

Metal over Metal Roof Systems: Add to a Roof Instead of Replacing it

How It Works

During installation, your existing roof’s structure as well as panels—for example, corrugation—will be left in place. On top, we’ll place new blanket insulation add panel clips to allow for expansion and contraction movement, and support blocks, over which we’ll install the brand-new MR-24® roof system’s metal panels.

The Metal over Metal Roof System can be installed over existing low and high roof profiles along with flat roofs where the Slope Build-Up retrofitting option is used. This is when a factory-punched structural frame is used to add slope or correct irregularities in roof configurations.

Helpful Features - What can You Expect?

It’s normal to doubt whether adding a new layer to an existing roof can offer you the same protection as an entirely new roof. After all, this novel approach isn’t well known—yet. Between the value for the money and the multiple trustworthy features, you can see it is the solution that most businesses didn’t even know they were looking for.

Your new system incorporates various components that ensure positive results.

  • MR-24®: To ensure the new roof can cope with expansion and contraction, we use MR-24® clips. The MR-24® Standing Seam Roof System also ensures weather tightness against water infiltration by utilizing the 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, which creates the tightest seam available today.
  • Compatibility: Your new roof will be compatible if you want to install roof solar systems.
  • Wind rating: The UL 90 rating is proof of the quality you’re installing. The new roof will offer exceptional wind uplift resistance.
  • Variety: There are various options to choose from, so you can find the most appropriate solution for you. This includes the Low Profile and High Profile Metal over Metal Roof Systems, as well as the Slope Buildup Retrofit System. With the latter, you can increase the slope of your roof for better results, without replacing the entire structure.

You can speak to one of our experts to find the best option for you.

6 Major Benefits

There are many reasons why a Metal Roof System isn’t just an easier, more convenient, or cheaper alternative. Here are just some of the benefits many of our clients enjoy:

  • The installation requires virtually zero downtime, so replacing your roof won’t impinge on your productivity whatsoever.
  • The new roofing layer provides better insulation. Better insulation = potential savings on utility costs.
  • The new roof system offers two to three times the service life versus a conventional TPO roof.
  • Over time, many clients end up saving as much as 90% of their roofing maintenance costs.
  • Offered in a wide variety of colours to get the perfect look and feel, including energy-efficient cool colours.
  • By not adding to a landfill, you’ll be respected as being more environmentally conscious, a valuable characteristic when managing your public reputation. And, because the roofing material used during the installation is recyclable, you won’t be contributing to the harm non-recyclable material has on the environment.

Want to know more about the Metal Roof & Retrofitting Solutions Grassmere can provide? You Can Learn More Here.

What Type of Companies Benefit From Metal Roof Systems?

Relevant Sectors & Industries

You’ll find avid supporters for Metal over Metal Roof Systems all across the board. Who wouldn’t want a roof solution that won’t impact productivity at their facility, whether it’s a small business, warehouse, or an office building?

To date, we’ve primarily served clients in Southwestern, Ontario, for over 30 years, in the following sectors:

Because all of Grassmere’s solutions are design-built for each client, there’s nothing to limit us from big or small projects. We can handle them all, no matter the size, sector, or industry you’re in.

A Few Success Stories

Many of our success stories come from the industrial sector and come with unique challenges that Grassmere is ready to tackle. Our clients, such as Coyles Product Ltd in Tillsonburg, ON that is in the bulk food retail industry, and Mar-Ver Machine & Tool in Ingersoll, ON that, is in the robotic manufacturing industry. Both clients opted for a practical and cost-efficient approach by installing an MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System, rather than removing and replacing their old roofs.

On both occasions, we installed over 10,000ft² of the new MR-24 roof. This eliminated the need for maintenance on their old roofs, and both companies could keep productivity up while Grassmere Construction installed the new roof systems without any interruption.

Find out how the Grassmere’s Metal Roof System can benefit you! Request Your Free Consultation

Why Grassmere is Your #1 Option

The Grassmere team has been in the construction management business for over 30 years, helping clients enjoy practical, long-term, and cost-efficient solutions. We do this by fostering and building strong relationships within the community by exceeding expectations and gaining trust through our exceptional performance. Our motto is “Relationships Built To Last” because of this business approach.

Our reputation as a consistently solid and dependable contractor comes from those we’ve worked with over the years, thanks to always putting our best foot forward and offering superior service to all areas of every building project.

We offer custom design-build construction and services from budgeting to execution. By designing and constructing exactly what you need, we empower our clients to reach their goals no matter the industry or sector they serve.

At an investment your accountant will love, we can assist you with achieving your goals by following our coveted ‘3-Phase Process’ we call “The Grassmere Advantage“. This innovative process encompasses every aspect of management on your construction project from Concept to Completion.

After serving our local community and Southwestern, Ontario for over 30 years as a premier Butler® Builder, we would love the opportunity to solve your roofing problems, so you can make the impression you want and protect your assets the way you should.

Let’s discuss your project and get started today!

Get In Touch With The Grassmere Team for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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