IMP vs New Butler EX Wall Systems

An EXceptional Wall System Delivers Exceptional Energy-Efficiency

Butler has always been first to market with game-changing products like the TBS™ Insulation System. Now their at it again and pleased to announce two unique wall systems specifically designed to deliver best in class energy performance. With the new Butlerib II EX™ and Shadowall EX™ Wall Systems, you now have two innovative energy-efficient wall systems that address the challenges of ever-changing energy codes while providing a competitive alternative to insulated metal panels (IMPs).

An Ingenious Approach

Sometimes even the smallest building components can address a market need for better performance, quality, and functionality. When new energy codes required a maximum U-factor for metal building walls, Butler designed a unique stanchion, found in the Butlerib II EX and Shadowall EX Wall Systems, to address this need. This exclusive feature creates a larger insulation cavity between the structural girt and the wall panel, which allows a single-skin solution to accommodate more fiberglass insulation, thereby improving thermal performance.

This extra insulation enables the EX Wall Systems to achieve a superior energy rating and out-perform a 2.5″ IMP with a U-factor between 0.046 and 0.047.

A competitive alternative to a 2.5″ IMP – the Butlerib II EX and the Shadowall EX Systems provides a tested U-factor between 0.046 and 0.047.

Best in Class Energy Performance

As provinces, territories, and states adopt newer energy codes, buildings are required to have higher-performing insulation systems. The new EX Wall Systems not only deliver these required thermal values but can prove their performance as tested in the accredited BlueScope Guarded Hot Box, a testing apparatus that quantifies energy efficiency. The Guarded Hot Box, a Butler first in the industry, provides accurate, real-world insulating information rather than the theoretical data claimed by most building products manufacturers. The data provides you with extremely accurate estimates of your building’s heating and cooling energy consumption and thus specifies the correct HVAC units for maximum energy efficiency.

The Butlerib II EX™ and Shadowall EX™ Wall Systems offer these benefits suitable for a variety of building applications:

  • Superior energy performance – Both EX Systems are value-engineered to meet or out-perform the energy performance of an IMP, making it an excellent option for where energy efficiency is a chief concern.
  • Economical solution – A fully installed EX System provides a cost-competitive solution over other insulated wall systems.
  • Fewer equipment costs – Typical IMP panels are heavy and require lifting equipment to install the panels. The EX Systems are lightweight and easier for crews to handle without the need for special equipment.
  • Easy installation – The metal stanchions attach on top of the fiberglass insulation and hold it in place during installation, making it easier to assemble, especially during windy conditions.
  • Freight advantages over IMP – IMP is freight sensitive, especially when transported from a distance to the job site, but the single-skin EX panels ship stacked, saving on shipping costs.
  • Quality appearance – Unlike traditional, single-skin wall solutions that compress the insulation against the wall girt and cause dimpling at the fasteners, the EX System attaches directly to the metal stanchion’s face, providing no dimpling and a high-quality appearance.

Ready to learn more?

Click here to download the product digest for the Butlerrib II EX and Shadowall EX Wall Systems.

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