Pre-engineered Buildings – Why These Versatile Structures Are More Popular Than Ever

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Innovation is a never-ending experience with new technology regularly transforming how we approach business and our lives. However, it’s not always the newest CRM development or the latest iPhone you should consider to improve your company’s operations, it just might be time to look into pre-engineered metal buildings.

How your building is created and designed may surprise you with major benefits in areas that you would not expect and might be something that business leaders may want to consider.

Myth: Pre-engineered metal buildings are only relevant to the Industrial Sector

While pre-engineered buildings are not new, many only consider them a solution for those in the industrial sector and that they do not offer any modern amenities, features, or aesthetic value a traditional building will. Thankfully, these are all common misconceptions and far from the truth.

The flexibility of pre-engineered buildings’ design allows uses from anything from warehousing and aircraft hangars to horse facilities, churches, educational facilities, and office buildings to become stylish, practical solutions. These buildings become an especially valuable option since, in addition to such versatility, these structures can provide additional benefits like energy efficiency.

To ensure you maximize the building’s benefits and optimize the design, hiring the right contractor is crucial. When you have the right construction company in your corner, a pre-engineered building can compete with any other building approach, and oftentimes becomes the better option. Even industries using pre-engineered structures for decades can benefit from finding the right builders who can offer all of the versatility and advantages now available.

So while it’s clear that this industry has transformed itself, what are you missing out on?

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Any Industry

When you opt for a pre-engineered building, thanks to advances in design and manufacturing, you can discuss the following with your building contractor:

  • Aesthetics: This is a principal aspect of the design phase. The appeal of your pre-engineered building can have many of the same flair and values as a traditional design, with diverse styles and finishes to suit your brand or match existing structures for a unified look. The different wall systems; Thermawall™ (metal panel appearance). Texturewall™(classic stucco appearance) and Shadowall™(combines an architecturally pleasing appearance with exceptional energy efficiency) change not only the appearance of the building but also the purpose/use. You can select any size or shape to suit your need. Your new investment will have long-term value and an opportunity to expand when your business grows while keeping the same pleasing look.
  • Functionality and industry relevance: It’s easier than you think to make sure your new building matches your needs. You can simply pick the features that will be beneficial to your industry. For example, there are different insulation types and thicknesses to choose from, such as rigid insulation board, metal building blanket insulation, or even request independent climate-controlled storage units.
  • Customization: You don’t have to settle for a standard unit. When you work with brands like Grassmere Construction you can customize a design based on your needs. The design process includes a discussion about your goals for the building, as well as the features that will make it the most valuable to you. Your final product is designed according to these guidelines and there are almost no limits to what size and shape configuration your building can be. Pre-engineered building designers can help you plan:
    • Single or multi-story buildings with the easy ability to expand.
    • Low, high, and everything in between roof slopes & clearance heights.
    • Structures with bays up to 60ft with unembedded clearspans.
    • Collateral loading to support a variety of material handling systems.
    • Interior and exterior roof and wall systems to meet your efficiency and aesthetic requirements.
  • Value: There’s no need to compromise on valuable features when you own one of these buildings. From practicality to energy efficiency and aesthetics, if you ever choose to sell, you can be assured the resale value will be there.
  • Budget: Don’t think of these structures as the ‘cheap and low value’ option. Rather, thanks to having options you can choose from, you can get all the features you need at a reasonable price. You can trust that you’re getting a quality product with installation and maintenance that are easy on the pocketbook.
  • Longevity: You’ll have a durable metal structure that can handle temperature changes across seasons and changing climates for decades to come
  • Installation: You can have your structure in place and be up and running sooner than if you were using traditional building techniques. If new building activities would affect your work productivity, rest assured there would be minimal downtime because installing pre-engineered buildings is more efficient.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Up to 90 percent of a building’s total cost is incurred after construction, so choosing options that offer long life spans and require minimal maintenance can have a significant impact on future budgets. Pre-engineered buildings provide long life cycles with virtually no upkeep. In fact, the Butler MR- 24® roof system lasts up to two times longer and can reduce roof maintenance costs by 90 percent compared with conventional roof materials. Plus, the standard paint finish on all painted roof panels, wall panels, and trims has a 25- year warranty protecting against blistering, peeling, cracking, and chipping.

Can you see how the versatility that’s being introduced in these types of buildings can have such a far-reaching impact? Grassmere, an industry leader with over 30 years of experience, can make these benefits a reality for our clients through Butler pre-engineered buildings.

Learn More About What Grassmere Can Do For You

An Unorthodox Example of Pre-engineered Building Success

To showcase the value and just how versatile pre-engineered metal buildings can be, where better to look than existing clients? Grassmere has provided pre-engineered structures to multiple industries within the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors… Below is an example of an institutional Grassmere client who opted for a pre-engineered solution.

  • When Bethel Pentecostal Church needed a long-term solution and Grassmere had the answer. Longevity was a top priority as well as the flexibility to adjust to the needs of the congregation. Their ideal scenario was to create multipurpose rooms, add-in the latest audio-visual equipment, and incorporate unique spaces like a foyer to make the church more welcoming.

Because Butler’s designs are so flexible, Grassmere was able to accomplish those goals (and more) by making use of light inside the structure to allow more natural light where needed. Another huge benefit was the low-cost aspect of the structure that meant there was no need to place the congregation under the pressure of fundraising, and there was no need to sacrifice quality. metl

As mentioned before, it’s important to partner with the right builder if you want to maximize these pre-engineered building benefits. Grassmere is a recognized brand thanks to the quality of Butler pre-engineered buildings that form just part of our portfolio of services.

With much quicker construction schedules, built-in flexibility with future expansions, versatile designs, and energy-efficiency, pre-engineered is undoubtedly the way to go.

You can customize a design to exactly what you need, no matter what industry you’re in or what type of building you want. We cater to your needs by offering different structural systems and wall systems to installing hybrid systems containing conventional tilt-up walls. In particular, an MR-24 roof system is a frequent option for many clients in industries from manufacturing, food & beverage processing, aerospace, warehousing, logistics, and community projects.

The Bethel building mentioned above, being in the religious sector, had unique requirements compared to many other industries. That success showcases our buildings’ versatility to make a pre-engineered building a practical solution in almost any scenario.

Grassmere’s 30+ years of experience and design-build approach adds value to each project and will help you get even more out of your next building than you could ever imagine.

Let’s talk about your specific needs and get planning.

Let’s Discuss Your Project. Request a Consultation Today!


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