Butler Manufacturing 2020 Products of Innovation

In 2020, Butler Manufacturing introduced FIVE new products to benefit clients looking for the best solutions within the pre-engineered metal buildings markets.

Tier II Classic™ Building System

Let’s start with the Tier II Classic™ Building System. Butler took all the good things about the simple Classic building and added features that our clients have been asking for, including insulated metal panels, below eave canopies, and much more. Here are the numerous benefits of using the Tier II Classic building to meet your needs:

  • Quick Delivery – Receive your building in 8-10 weeks from time of order.
  • Integrates with Butler Systems – Use any Butler structural, roof, and wall systems.
  • Build Quickly – The Tier II Classic assembles up to 30% faster than conventional construction.
  • Customizable – Order a Classic building with skirt walls, below eave canopies at the end walls and sidewalls, and adjacent units.
  • Build Excellence – Exclusive, factory-punched roof and wall panels allow for speedy installation and ensure long-term building performance.
  • Insulated Metal Panels – Order your Tier ll Classic building with TextureWall™ and ThermaWall™ insulated metal panels.

Butler Express Mezz™ System

Next, the Butler Express Mezz stand-alone mezzanine system is the fastest, easiest way to get a mezzanine. Whether you need light loads for office space or heavy loads for storage, the Express Mezz System meets your needs. You can save time by combining an Express Mezz with a new Butler building project or add one to an existing structure. Express Mezz features:

  • Economical Design – Butler 3-plate perimeter beams and standard 11 ½” G30 Cee joists attach with bolted clips.
  • Loading Capacity Flexibility – Everything from light loads associated with office space to heavy loads used for storage
  • Multiple Standard Module Sizes Available – Standard module sizes start at 8’ x 8’ and can go as large as 28’ x 28’ in 4-foot increments. Two standard heights are available: 9-feet or 10-feet “clear” from the underside of perimeter beams.
  • Integrated Perimeter Railing and Stair Solutions – This one-stop-shop includes complete railing and stair solutions.
  • Attractive Appearance – The Butler standard gray primer combined with a galvanized finish on the Cee joists provides an attractive appearance that matches the main building products.
  • Easy Install – No welded parts. All pre-engineered, bolted solutions to minimize on-site labor for quick on-site assembly of all mezzanine parts. The railing system and stairs easily bolt into pre-punched holes in the perimeter beams.
  • New or Existing Buildings – Because this is a free-standing system, the Express Mezz will work in existing structures as well as new.

MR-24® Conventional Roof Solution

The new Butler MR-24® Conventional Roof Solution can be used for both new and re-roof projects on conventional flat roof projects. This new offering provides several benefits, including:
  • Two to Three Times the Service Life vs. TPO – The MR-24 Conventional Roof System features Galvalume® with an anticipated service life of 60 years*.
  • Energy Savings – A variety of rigid insulation boards**, some with embossed aluminum facing on both sides, are available and enable the MR-24 Conventional Roof System to deliver exceptional R-value.
  • Condensation Control-The vapor retarder substantially reduces the movement of water vapor within the roof system and helps to keep the insulation material joints dry.
  • Warranty Protection -The MR-24 Conventional Roof System is available with a 25-year warranty for panel finish protection and weather tightness.

Sun-Lite Strip® Daylighting System

The Butler Sun-Lite Strip® Daylighting System is a curbed daylighting unit that allows natural light into your building. Skylights increase employee productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Best of all, daylighting saves you money reducing the cost of electric lighting up to 70%!
  • Easy to Install – The curb arrives fully assembled, making installation easy with less labor.
  • High-Quality Design – The Sun-Lite Strip is made from aluminum for ultimate corrosion resistance and longevity. The new design does not divert water through panel corrugation, nearly eliminating the potential for leaks.
  • Retrofit Capabilities – The unit can be installed in existing metal roof systems.
  • Superior Performance – The skylights provide high daylight illumination with visible light transmission up to 70% and are available in standard double-dome and triple-dome glazing.
  • Safety – Optional, below-dome safety screens are available to provide fall protection for workers on the rooftop. Burglar bars are also available.

Butlerib II EX™ and Shadowall EX™ Wall Systems

The Butlerib II EX™ and Shadowall EX™ Wall Systems are specifically designed to deliver best-in-class energy performance.  These two innovative energy-efficient wall systems address the challenges of ever-changing energy codes, while providing a competitive alternative to insulated metal panels (IMPs). Butler designed a unique stanchion to address this need. The exclusive feature creates a larger insulation cavity between the structural girt and the wall panel, which allows a single-skin solution to accommodate more fiberglass insulation, thereby improving thermal performance. This extra insulation enables the EX Wall Systems to achieve a superior energy rating and out-perform 2.5″ IMP. The Butlerib II EX System achieves a 0.046 U-factor rating while the Shadowall EX System rates at 0.047.

The Butlerib II EX™ and Shadowall EX™ Wall Systems offer these benefits that work for a variety of building applications:

  • Superior Energy Performance – Both EX Systems are value-engineered to meet or out-perform the energy performance of an IMP, making it an excellent option for customers where energy efficiency is a primary concern.
  • Economical Solution –A fully installed EX System provides a cost-competitive solution over other insulated wall systems.
  • Fewer Equipment Costs – Typical IMP panels are heavy and require lifting equipment to install the panels. The EX Systems are lightweight and easier for crews to handle without the need for special equipment.
  • Easy Installation – The metal stanchions attach on top of the fiberglass insulation and hold it in place during installation, making it easier to assemble, especially during windy conditions.
  • Freight Advantages over IMP – IMP is freight sensitive, especially when transported from a distance to the job site, but the single-skin EX panels ship stacked, saving on shipping costs.
  • Quality Appearance –Unlike traditional, single-skin wall solutions that compress the insulation against the wall girt and cause dimpling at the fasteners, the EX System attaches directly to the metal stanchion’s face, providing no dimpling and a high-quality appearance.

For over 30 years Grassmere has been a Butler Builder that offers a Design-Build approach that adds value to each project and will help you get even more out of your next building than you could ever imagine.

Let’s talk about your specific needs and get planning.

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